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Mendham Primary School



Since September 2013, academies and free schools are able to accept in-year admission applications directly from parents. An in-year admission application is one that is made outside of the normal time of transfer between schools, for example when a family moves house part way through a school year.

Our schools receive and decide on 'In-year' Admissions Applications, so please contact them in the first instance by using the Trust's Admissions Form below. Local authorities are still required to co-ordinate admission applications in the normal admissions round at the beginning of primary (Reception) and the transition to secondary school (Year 7).




  1. Muliti Purpose Consent Form
  2. NCC In Year Admission Form 2020_2021
  3. SCC In Year Admission Form ADM1 2020_2021
  4. Trust In Year Admissions Form Template