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Mendham Primary School

ESCape! Holiday School


The Consortium Trust recognises that whilst academic attainment is vital, so is a child's holistic enrichment and growth, in order to develop the leadership skills, self-esteem, health, fitness and confidence required to have a successful future. 

To compliment the Trust's commitment to the holistic development of our pupils, we have established the ESCape! Holiday School across many of our school sites, on the menu to the right, available to 4-11year olds, through the Easter and Summer holidays. 

All of our Staff are fully DBS checked and vetted and first aid trained; most already work within our schools across the Trust in various roles supporting education and learning.

ESCape! Holiday School provides valuable child care for working families across our communities and makes a great place to meet new friends.

It offers a full and varied programme including:

  • Day Trips to BeWilderwood, Pleasurewood Hills and Laser Tag...

  • Activity days such as Fencing & Archery, Dance Academy and Wild Survival Skills...  

  • Sports & Challenge Days including Football Academy, Dance Nation and more...

 Free School Meal Families:

As part of the Trust's commitment to reducing the gap for children who receive free school meals, those who may be looked after or adopted from care, each Trust school makes spaces available within their own Holiday School, free of charge. 

We are also delighted to support the Department for Education's Holiday School Activities Programme and welcome children from outside of our Trust to our ESCape! Holiday Schools.

Our NEW automated online booking system is coming soon, for an ESCape! Holiday School near you!

For enquiries regarding ESCape! Holiday School, please contact Laura Rogers by email at:, or by telephone on:  01986 835670.